Property Expectations

Arizona Gold Realty believes in helping our investors to make the best decisions when preparing their property for the rental market. We have a standard of quality that attracts the best prospective tenants to get your property rented quicker. Having a product that is well maintained, clean, and safe will provide a level of assurance to a prospective tenant, and in turn, will improve the chance of higher care and minimal turnover between tenancy.

“We looked at a lot of available rental properties and we chose this one based on the condition it was in.”

“When I show prospective tenants rental homes, I search for yours because I know it will be clean and well maintained.”

Each property has its own unique charm, and with respect to the character of the home, we strive to provide a property condition that rivals other rentals.

The properties we manage are marketed with the following expectations…

  • Utilities (except gas) to remain on in the owner’s name during marketing and up until the lease date.
  • Front and back yards must be clean and landscaped with desert rock, grass, shrubs, and trees.
  • Property must be free of ALL personal property, not including yard and gardening tools if provided.
  • Yard watering systems are required and should be controlled by an automatic timer.
  • All flooring must be in good condition and professionally cleaned.
  • Property must be professionally cleaned.
  • Paint must look fresh and clean- touch up or repaint.
  • Garages must have an automatic door opener and include 1 or more remotes.
  • A/C filters must be changed and new, Smoke detectors more than 8 years old must be replaced, batteries changed on newer ones. Carbon monoxide detectors are required in each home using gas, and in any home with an attached garage in the City of Phoenix.
  • Light bulbs must be replaced where missing or burned out.
  • Any property containing a pool must include chemical service and an in-pool cleaning system.

Each city has a safety code regarding pool fences, covers, and auto-door closers in the interest of child safety. Arizona Gold Realty will assist in helping make the property “pool safe” to satisfy these requirements.

As a Professional Property Management Company, we can schedule and arrange for the completion of the property expectations, if needed. Depending on the extent of required services to be ordered we will not typically charge a fee to arrange them.