Carol H. – 10/11/2016

I used them for two years on one rental of a house and now am using them again for another rental.  Debbie and Dean are extremely professional and thorough.  Would not use another company.
Erin F. – 3/6/2016

By far the most professional and integrity filled property management company in Phoenix. Been renting for almost 2 years now. They’re prompt, fair and they care. Highly impressed!!
Bjern H. – 9/14/2016

Using them to rent a townhome in Chandler for the past few months and it’s been a good experience. Convenient for me not to have to deal directly with the tenants as a landlord, Their service is fairly priced and they’ve shown to be professional and knowledgeable in property management.
T A. – 9/30/2015

I have trusted David Goolsby not only with my home buying journey but also with my mother’s! He is attentive to detail, experienced, very professional, humble and kind hearted. He took me under his wing and made sure I was educated and comfortable during every step of the process. I felt like he was the glue that held everything together. He kept everyone on track without rushing through anything and was always extremely patient. I recommend David to *everyone* looking for an amazing experience!
Melissa W. – 9/20/2012

I am humbled by the saying “If you do something right, noone hears about it.  And if you do something wrong, 10 people will know.”  Because this review is 2 years late.

Referrals from trusted people always are the best way to start (as how I found Debbie/AZ Gold), but if you’re reading this on Yelp, you probably are wading thru reviews to find your starting point.

So as compared to “marketing” my 2nd property w/ a West Valley based company, I realize what a stark distinction in customer service and attn I was fortunate to receive in working w/ Debbie Mann/AZ Gold Realty in marketing my 1st property 2 years ago.  Responsive, helpful w/ candid advice re: rentals, LLCs, market conditions, get-over-yourself-that-your-property-is-a-gift-from-Heaven, and went above and beyond (I now realize) in meeting prospective tenants. I wish Debbie did support the West Valley, as now I have a comparison to another company how sub-par or (maybe) standard service I am getting (“we’ll call you”) for my 2nd property.

I work for a company of 5k+ Type A people who thoroughly vet / praise / condemn the folks they contract with.  And often many of them come across my Yelp reviews and asks me for referrals privately.  Well here I am publicly referring this outfit anytime you need services for marketing a rental or for full fledged property mgt… Debbie Mann would be the 1st person I would turn to (in the East Valley). 🙂